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WIC Shopper Assistance

We've gone virtual!

Meet Audrey, our WIC retail nutritionist! Audrey is your go-to for WIC nutrition and shopping questions – she’s available via call or text for timely assistance. Call or text Audrey with your WIC nutrition questions here: 412-260-4505. If she can't take you call right away, she'll get back to you as soon as she's able to!

What type of questions can Audrey answer via phone or text?  Here’s a quick example:
  • Which baby formulas are covered by WIC?  Is one of them “better” than the others?
  • What type of baby food is best for my baby?  
  • Should I make my own baby food?  Why or why not?  
  • Which foods are covered by WIC for my growing toddler?  
  • What snacks should I buy for preschooler?  
  • I’m new to WIC and feel overwhelmed – can you help me figure out how this works?!  
Our WIC Shopping Assistance Program offers:
  • Cooking demonstration videos
  • Nutrition education materials
  • Answers to WIC-related questions
  • Determining eligibility and scheduling appointments
  • Answers to questions about WIC foods in the grocery store
You can contact Audrey with questions in-store or at home by calling or texting 412-260-4505. The WIC nutritionist will get back to you with an answer to your specific WIC question as soon as possible! 
If you're interested in enrolling in WIC, please call 1-866-WIC-APPT (1-866-942-2778) or complete this online form and a member of our team will contact you shortly.

Each month Adagio Health’s WIC program serves approximately 9,000 clients in five counties. Pennsylvania WIC is funded by USDA. USDA is an equal opportunity provider.

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