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Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening & Diagnostic Programs

Early detection is key to surviving breast or cervical cancer. And for eligible patients, screening & care is available at NO or LOW cost.

Adagio Health and our partners can ensure you get the breast and cervical cancer screening and care that you need. To find out if you're eligible for free breast or cervical cancer screening including mammograms, pap tests, diagnostic services and more — call 1-800-215-7494

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Adagio Health’s breast and cervical cancer screening services include clinical breast exams, breast self-awareness education, mammograms, 3D mammograms, pap tests, HPV tests and diagnostic follow up testing as needed. If you don’t have insurance, if you have high co-pays, or if your income or insurance status has been impacted by COVID-19 and you're experiencing possible breast or cervical cancer symptoms, you may qualify for free diagnostic services. Our team is trained to help you navigate care, screenings and more — every step of the way. Services are provided at no cost to patients who qualify. 

Adagio Health provides the Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (BCCEDP) for 62 counties of western, central, and northeast Pennsylvania.  The Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program is available to underinsured and uninsured women ages 21 and over.  Eligibility is based on income and household size.  Through the Breast and Cervical Cancer early Detection Program, eligible women can receive free breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnostic testing to include: 
  • Clinical Breast Exams
  • Pelvic Exam and Pap Test
  • Screening Mammograms
  • Breast and Cervical Diagnostic Testing as Needed
The Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program is funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. For more information on the Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program call 1-800-215-7494.

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Adagio Health’s Mammogram Voucher Program (MVP) continues to offer free mammograms and breast diagnostic services for uninsured and underinsured people in western, central, and northeasten PA. The Mammogram Voucher Program currently has no gender or age restrictions, and PA residents who are income eligible between 251-300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines may be eligible. MVP provides resources for:
  • Screening and diagnostic mammograms
  • Diagnostic services including breast ultrasounds and breast biopsies
  • Individualized follow-up and referral services through patient navigation
  • Support to access treatment services to those who qualify
For more information, contact Adagio Health at 1-888-687-0505.
BCCPT is available to any Pennsylvania woman diagnosed with breast cancer, cervical cancer, or a breast or cervical pre-cancerous condition without credible insurance. The woman must be a PA resident, US Citizen, and under the age of 65. There are no income limitations. This program offers full coverage for treatment as well as other medical needs. The BCCPT is administered by Adagio Health through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For more information or to submit an application please contact or by fax 412-201-4702.

On Friday October 21st, the Women’s Commission and Adagio Health hosted the 5th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month celebration in Harrisburg. It was a wonderful event highlighting clients, providers, community partners, researchers, and legislators who are making progress in Pennsylvania towards equitable health care for women. Adagio Health was honored to recognize Carolyn Martin (BCCEDP patient and breast cancer survivor), Adagio Health Indiana, Family Planning Plus, and Lancaster General Health, the Metamorphosis Women’s Empowerment Initiative and Passion for Christ Church, Dr. Lyn Robertson, Diane Donahue (BCCEDP project officer at the Department of Health who is retiring in December after many years of public service), and the Women’s Health Caucus.