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Family Planning

Natural family planning is sometimes called “fertility awareness” and sometimes called the “rhythm method”.  Natural family planning is just that – NATURAL.  It involves no drugs or devices.

Natural family planning is about identifying the signs and symptoms of fertility during your period so that you know when you are “fertile” – able to get pregnant – or “infertile” – unable to get pregnant.  

There are three main fertility indicators in women.  They are your body temperature, your cervical secretions, and the length of your menstrual cycle.  If you choose to use natural family planning to prevent a pregnancy, you must keep track of these things so that you know when it is safe to have sex or when you need to avoid it.  Tracking your fertility indicators will also show you when you should have sex if you are trying to conceive a pregnancy.

Natural family planning may be more difficult if you have abnormal periods or if you are breastfeeding.

Natural family planning is most effective when it is taught by a trained specialist.

With typical use, about 24 out of every 100 women using natural family planning will become pregnant within the first year.


What are the advantages of Natural Family Planning?

  • Natural family planning involves no drugs, no chemical, no devices
  • Natural family planning has no physical side effects
  • Natural family planning will teach you about becoming more aware of your fertility

What are the disadvantages of Natural Family Planning?

  • Natural family planning typically takes several months of monitoring your menstrual cycles to really understand your “fertile” and “infertile” days
  • Natural family planning requires you to keep a daily log of your fertility indicators
  • The natural family planning method will not protect you against sexually transmitted infections
  • It may be more difficult to interpret your fertility indicators during certain circumstances, such as illness, stress, etc.

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