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About Adagio Health

Our History

For more than fifty years, Adagio Health has been providing health, wellness and nutrition services and support in western Pennsylvania. Today, our nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization’s expanded footprint includes 62 counties across the Commonwealth where Adagio Health oversees state-funded breast and cervical cancer screening services (all provided at no cost to income-eligible patients.)

Adagio Health and its network of partners provide reproductive health care services at low or no cost to approximately 35,000 patients annually. Breast and cervical cancer screening services are provided to nearly 6,000 patients. Adagio Health’s WIC program serves approximately 9,000 parents, caregivers and young children, while the organization’s nutrition education program serves more than 50,000 Pennsylvanians – young children, teens, adults and seniors; and more than 1,000 patients and clients visit Adagio Health Food Cupboards annually. Approximately 3,700 adults and teens receive prevention and cessation services from Adagio Health’s Tobacco Prevention and Control Program; while roughly 2,000 students and young adults receive evidence-informed, age-appropriate reproductive health education services in one-on-one, group, and classroom settings.

Adagio Health prioritizes providing safe, compassionate care to diverse populations with unique needs, including members of LGBTQ+ communities and women who have served in the military.

The services Adagio Health provides are designed to not only support individual patients and clients, but also their families and communities. Studies show a woman with access to quality healthcare and affordable contraception is more likely to, on her own timeline, to complete her education, get and keep a good job, financially support herself and her family and invest in her children’s future.

Adagio Health serves a population of individuals with diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Members of the Amish community are served in Indiana; students from universities are served in Greensburg, Erie, and Indiana. In Uniontown, we do our best to serve a community in which so many people have numerous unmet needs due to lack of available services. In Erie, we provide a community of Somali women a safe and welcoming place to receive care. Because of Adagio Health, these women—all with different needs, situations and plans for their futures—have access to health care at no cost.

Adagio Health is able to provide these services through funding from the State and Federal government, local foundation partners, and through partnerships with a variety of community partners and other funders. Adagio Health currently owns and operates nine medical offices, and provides Title X, XX and V funding to a wide network of health care providers in 23 western Pennsylvania counties. In addition to medical offices, Adagio Health is the Women, Infant & Children’s Food and Nutrition Service (WIC) service provider in five counties: Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Indiana, and Lawrence. Adagio Health's nutrition department also delivers the SNAP-Ed nutrition education program, in eleven counties in western Pennsylvania.

Our Mission

Adagio Health meets the health, wellness and nutrition needs of diverse communities, regardless of income, with a focus on women.

Our Vision

Adagio Health improves the health of communities.

Our Values

Providing exceptional health, wellness and nutrition services in a respectful setting with a commitment to health equity. 

Prioritizing diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and transparency in all of our clinical and professional interactions

Preserving our culture of collaboration, accountability, innovation and integrity

Promoting greater access to healthcare and education for women, men, youth, LGBTQ+ communities, and underserved patients and clients across our region

Our Future

As Adagio Health marks 50 years of service for women, men, teens, members of the LGBTQ+ population, schools, communities and more in western Pennsylvania—we are looking ahead to the future. We are implementing new programs around women veterans, maternal care, expanded behavioral health services, food insecurity and relief, and more efficient delivery of services. We are using lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, while continually striving to improve health outcomes in the communities we serve.  

As we move forward: 

We will continue to provide excellent clinical care and customer service to ensure that every patient, client, and member of the community feels welcome at Adagio Health. 

We will align our services with the needs of vulnerable populations, we will be the safety net – and a safe place to receive care – for all those who need us.  

We will strive to become the provider of choice for patients who seek compassionate, inclusive care in a warm and comfortable setting.  

We will ensure financial stability for Adagio Health, as good stewards of the support, grants, funding and payments we receive from the state and federal government, the foundation community, corporations, supporters, and the patients and clients who entrust us with their care. 

Our Service Area