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Teen Resources

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Adagio Health strives to provide teens like you with unbiased, fact-based information. We want you to have the best support and educational materials available so that you can make the right decisions for you about about sex, relationships, drugs and alcohol, pregnancy, and other important topics.

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Teen Resources

Below are a list of websites that you can trust for that information and the answers you need.

My Story

Thank you Adagio Health

I came to Adagio Health as a very scared sixteen-year-old, having no clue how to grapple with my sexuality in my conservative environment. It was there that I learned my sexuality is something to be celebrated, a part of myself that I ought to understand rather than reject. I received my first birth control at Adagio Health and learned how to protect myself, body and spirit, in the face of sexuality. Six years later, I am still bringing my friends to clinics like Adagio Health so they too can have control over their sexual lives. Thank you, Adagio Health!

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