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PrEP & PEP at Adagio Health

PrEP Services

Now available in just one appointment!

PrEP is a medication that, when taken correctly, reduces the risk of acquiring HIV through sexual activity by up to 99% or with injection drug use by up to 74%.  PrEP is for anyone who wishes to protect themselves from HIV, regardless of age, race, gender, or sexual orientation. PrEP medication and labs are available at low or no cost through patient care programs and are covered by most private insurance.

Adagio Health now offers same-day PrEP services! First, we’ll make sure you test negative for HIV.  After that, we’ll get some baseline labs,  and then coordinate the medication being delivered right to your door, or you can come into any of our medical offices to receive injectable PrEP. 

PEP, post-exposure prophylaxis, is now offered at all Adagio Health Medical offices. If you think you may have been exposed to HIV, Adagio Health offers a same-day start for PEP treatment. Do not wait to get treated as PEP should be started within 72 hours of exposure. Treatment at Adagio Health is easy and confidential, and same-day appointments are available.

Online Scheduling

Online scheduling with Adagio Health allows you to quickly and easily schedule an appointment at an Adagio Health medical office near you – in just a few clicks. 

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Have questions or aren’t sure which location to visit? Call 1-800-215-7494 to speak to a member of our friendly staff!

Adagio Health prescribes the oral PrEP medications Truvada and Descovy,  and injectable PrEP known as APRETUDE.

PrEP works best when you are consistent. Missing doses can increase your risk. If you think you need PrEP, come in and talk to our medical providers so we guide and support you in that decision.

PrEP is safe, easy, and available for men and women. Schedule a visit with our PrEP experts today!

Additional Services

Adagio Health offers a full array of family planning and reproductive health services at low or NO cost to patients who qualify, including on-site birth control.  We also offer nutrition education and tobacco cessation, along with routine adult healthcare services including immunizations, TB testing, cholesterol checks, and important screenings and referrals. All Adagio Health locations are LGBTQ+ inclusive environments where you’ll find compassionate, high-quality care. 

Questions?  Call 1-800-215-7494.