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Mobile Health

January 12, 2023

Dear Valued Community Partner,

Adagio Health has proudly served northwest Pennsylvania counties with mobile health care over the past two years. We have worked diligently to deliver quality family planning, reproductive health care, and adult vaccine & immunization services to your communities and the clients you serve.

It is with regret that we inform you of the closure of our mobile health unit operations. Due to significant decreases in our federal funding for this project, along with staffing considerations that have impacted our ability to deliver mobile health care, we are taking this necessary step. The last mobile health trip will be January 31, 2023. The unit will be available to provide family planning and reproductive health services at previously scheduled sites through this date.

To assist you in the work that you do in our communities, I am enclosing a detailed table of referral options that can be shared with the clients you serve. This referral listing provides information on nearby clinical sites that can provide reproductive health care at low cost or no cost. Additionally, all clients who received care on our mobile health unit will receive their own letter and listing of referral options for their continued care.

Your partnership with Adagio Health in its mobile health care project has been greatly appreciated, and we look forward to new opportunities to work together and raise awareness about the importance of reproductive health care in the communities we serve.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions at


Linda Snyder, DrPH
Vice President Family Planning Programs/Title X Project Director
Adagio Health Inc.

Mobile Unit Client Referral Options