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Adagio Health is the trusted partner in healthcare for thousands of women and their families in Western Pennsylvania. With nearly half a century of service, we care deeply about our patients and are proud to be a part of their communities.

At Adagio Health, we provide a wide range of services including gynecology; family planning; breast and cervical cancer screening; STI prevention, testing and treatment; and nutrition counseling. We place a special focus on caring for teens, the LGBTQ community, low income individuals, and those without insurance or are underinsured (have high co-pays) in a judgement-free environment.

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Gynecological Care

Adagio Health empowers women protect their health. Regular appointments with our practitioners can help prevent illnesses and find issues that need care. Routine screenings like pap tests and pelvic exams are a critical to a women’s health.

Pregnancy Care

At select locations, Adagio Health provides care for pregnant women from their first prenatal visit through delivery. Prenatal care services are tailored to meet the individual needs of expectant mothers.

For Teens

Adagio Health provides the same high quality, confidential services and information to teens that we offer all of our patients. We are here to answer your questions about your health, birth control, pregnancy, and STIs without judgement.

For Men

In addition to our gynecological and obstetrics services, Adagio Health provides care to the men in our communities. We offer general reproductive health exams, STI testing, and screenings for certain cancers.

Cancer Screening

No-cost screening for breast and cervical cancer is provided for eligible women at Adagio Health sites throughout western Pennsylvania. Early detection is the key. We encourage you to get mammograms and Pap tests as recommended by your health care provider.

STI Testing and Treatment

STI testing and treatment,  counseling, and referrals for services are available at all Adagio Health locations and throughout our network of providers. Testing and treatment is available to both men and women.

HIV/AIDS Testing and Information

Adagio Health understands how difficult it can be when it comes to concerns about potential HIV exposure. Knowing one’s status empowers individuals to take the necessary steps to protect their own health and stop the spread of the virus by eliminating exposure of the virus to others. Our offices offer quick, confidential testing.

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