WIC: A Wonderfully Inspiring Choice for your Family

January 18, 2022 by Adagio Health
Adagio Health has been helping families across Western PA access WIC services for more than 40 years! We are the fourth largest WIC provider in Pennsylvania, serving more than 10,000 participants annually from our Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Indiana, and Lawrence County offices. Throughout the pandemic, our WIC team has worked tirelessly to ensure participants have access to virtual appointments and experience no disruptions in food benefits.

Who is eligible?

  • Pregnant women starting from confirmed pregnancy- the sooner you join, the more benefits you receive
  • Breastfeeding women for up to 1 year
  • Post-Partum women after delivery or a pregnancy loss for up to 6 months
Infants & Children
  • Infants from birth to age 1
  • Children from 1 to age 5
  • Infants and Children living with fathers, grandparents, or foster partners

Why join the WIC Program?

When you sign up for the WIC program, you are helping another family join the program. The more participants enrolled in the program, the stronger the program becomes. Joining the WIC program helps build your support system. If you choose to breastfeed, our team of breastfeeding Peer Counselors is there for support throughout your breastfeeding journey. Our Peer Counselors provide one-on-one support as well as facilitate support groups for moms to share experiences and best practices. Our breastfeeding peers and WIC staff can also provide you with breastfeeding pumps, supplies, and tools to make your feeding journey successful!

WIC is not an entitlement program- it’s a supplemental nutrition program for families. Our team of Registered Dietitians and Competent Nutritionists delivers individualized one-on-one nutrition counseling designed to help your family learn healthy lifestyles habits and meet nutrition needs.

Why stay on the WIC program?

Families receive an average of $60/month for each enrolled family member or an estimated $720/ year. Food Benefits can be used to purchase foods from all five food groups including formula or infant foods. Right now, you can receive additional benefits for fruits and vegetables minimum of $24 up to $47 for our breastfeeding moms.

Enrollment in WIC improves the growth of nutritionally at-risk infants and children, dietary intake of pregnant and post-partum women, and increases the likelihood children have a regular source of medical care and up to date immunizations.

It takes a village - let WIC be part of yours! Visit or call 1-866-942-2778