Let's Get Physicals!

August 31, 2023 by Adagio Health

Physicals are now available at all Adagio Health locations!

You might benefit from Adagio Health’s Physicals program if:

You are a mother with a son or daughter who needs a physical for a sports team this school year. A friendly and experienced Adagio Health Nurse Practitioner will assist with the exam and complete the forms for your child’s physical. Physicals are a quick exam that helps you and your children feel safe as they play and compete in sports they are excited about!

You are an adult who needs a pre-employment physical. Same-day appointments are available at Adagio Health, and you can even schedule online for your physical so you can get this checked off your list. Adagio Health Medical staff will conduct the exam and fill out any forms so you can perform your job safely.

You are an adult seeking a physical for a driver’s license. Making sure you are following all safety measures while driving on Pennsylvania roads and beyond is important, and Adagio Health can help you fulfill this requirement. Adagio Health can see you quickly, so you don’t have to delay the DMV process.

Physicals are also great for camps, school requirements, for teens, or adults. Generally, physical exams are different than your yearly annual exam.

All physicals include form completion and cost $40 at your nearest Adagio Health location. Schedule an online appointment now.

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