Celebrating Eat Better, Eat Together Month with Adagio Health Teaching Kitchens

October 9, 2023 by Adagio Health
Adagio Health Teaching Kitchens are in all five WIC counties: Butler, Beaver, Armstrong, Indiana, and Lawrence. Teaching Kitchens offer a space for families to create and cook meals together, experiment with different recipes, and learn how to incorporate healthy eating habits into their daily lives.

Monthly classes are at no cost and all ingredients are included. The Adagio Health Teaching Kitchens are a good way to make cooking fun and introduce kid-friendly snacks to your children.

“The Teaching Kitchen also provides the ability for a multigenerational cooking experience for parents or grandparents to cook alongside their children,” said Samantha Elms, WIC Director at Adagio Health. “I enjoy cooking with my children at home and seeing their interest in foods grow! It’s great to bring this same experience to our WIC families.”

With the nutrition education presented at Adagio Health’s Teaching Kitchens, families can take those lessons home and create their own “Family Table.” Eat Better, Eat Together month highlights the benefits families can receive by making mealtimes a family affair and enjoying meals together at the table. According to the American College of Pediatricians, some benefits include:
  • Improved mental health and emotional wellbeing among children
  • Children demonstrate an enjoyment of diverse foods, fruits, and vegetables
  • Engaging social skills by participating in family discussions at the table
  • Family meals create tradition
This month, attend a Teaching Kitchen class or dedicate a couple of days to implement a “Family Table,” so you can start creating the habit of cooking and eating together in your family.

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