Adagio Health opens clinic in Turtle Creek

Adagio Health opens clinic in Turtle Creek

Adagio Health opens clinic in Turtle Creek
Adagio Health has opened a clinic in Turtle Creek with the goal of providing better health care for women.

Adagio’s location in the Human Services Center Corp. building at 519 Penn Ave., offers services including routine gynecological services, family planning, treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV screenings and pregnancy testing.

Human Services Center Corp. conducted a 2017 survey of people who visited the Turtle Creek building, which houses a variety of other services, including the Allegheny County Women, Infants and Children Program, a health and supplemental nutrition program for pregnant women and infants and children up to age 5.

Of the 473 people surveyed by HSCC last year, 75 percent were women, and many said having access to a health care facility would be a significant benefit.

The Allegheny County WIC program serves more than 1,400 people monthly. On average, about 120 are pregnant women and 680 are children.

“There is great need in the Mon Valley for better access to quality health care for women and men,” Adagio president and CEO BJ Leber said in a statement. “Everyone deserves good health care, and we’re proud to have the opportunity to provide that in Turtle Creek in a location that’s an accessible community hub for nearby residents. HSCC is a great partner. We look forward to providing care to HSCC tenants, visitors and everyone in the community.”

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