Power Up

Power Up!

Through the Power Up Nutrition Education program, Adagio Health encourages students (Pre-K through 12th grade), adults, and seniors to eat healthy foods and to live an active lifestyle. Our interactive programs provide participants strategies to adopt healthy habits that will have an impact on their current and future health. Funded by the USDA, Power Up is provided at no cost to eligible schools and community partners.

Visit Power Up online at: www.powerupeatright.com

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Power Up Services and Advantages to Communities

  • Led by nutrition experts. Our staff features registered dietitians, nutritionists, DTRs, and other experienced educators.
  • Nutrition activities are provided through lessons, workshops, cooking demonstrations, games and other interactive activities
  • The Power Up website features helpful information, updated regularly, to guide participants towards a healthier lifestyle.
  • Exciting, interactive curriculum, including the opportunity to sample new, healthy foods, engages school-age children in nutrition-focused lessons while meeting Pennsylvania Department of Education Guidelines.
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SNAP-Ed Funding Statement

Funded by the Pennsylvania (PA) Department of Human Services (DHS) through PA Nutrition Education Tracks, a part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP provides nutrition assistance to people with low income. It can help you buy nutritious foods for a better diet. To find out more, contact the DHS toll-free Helpline at 800-692-7462. USDA is an equal opportunity provider. Read the full statement.