Adagio Health | Rights, Respect, Responsibility

Rights, Respect, Responsibility: A K-12 Health Education Curriculum

Rights, Respect, Responsibility (The 3R's) is a sex education curriculum that fully meets the National Sexuality Education Standards and seeks to address both the functional knowledge related to sexuality and the specific skills necessary to adopt healthy behaviors. Rights, Respect, Responsibility reflects the tenets of social learning theory, social cognitive theory and the social ecological model of prevention.

While many sexuality education materials have addressed the needs of adolescents, Advocates for Youth, the author of the curriculum, realized that such education must begin much earlier. Learning about good communication, safety in relationships, and growth and development lays a foundation that can support healthy relationships and healthy behaviors throughout a person’s lifetime. This K-12 curriculum, therefore, is a collection of lesson plans on a wide range of topics including: self-understanding, family, growth and development, friendship, sexuality, life skills, and health promotion.