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Transforming Women's Health

Adagio Health Symposium

Senator Barbara Boxer set the tone for the day. Her keynote speech was dynamic and motivating. We were all inspired by the comments from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health, Dr. Rachel Levine. The breakout sessions on the opioid crisis, preserving women’s healthcare in politically unstable times, addressing health disparities in marginalized communities and effective sexual education for our youth were not only well attended, but were a springboard for action.  
We honored state Rep. Dan Frankel, with the Women’s Health Transformation Award for his commitment to women’s health and wellbeing and we recognized Allegheny Health Network and UPMC, for their work with pregnant women battling addiction. 

We could not have hosted such a successful symposium without our host committee and sponsors.  We are grateful to them all and look forward to future endeavors to support women’s health in western Pennsylvania.

The information shared at the symposium, the Advocacy Wall, our individual decisions to commit to action, and even the act of taking limited action last week – all equate to ACTION.  Belief without action is dust in the wind.  We need to act, and act now, and act tomorrow, and every tomorrow to come.  Keep communicating with us at Adagio Health and with organizations like the Women’s Health Agenda, the Campaign for Women’s Health, and others working to affect positive change.

Keep learning all you can about these vital issues, and recruit more friends and colleagues to the cause.  And most of all, keep urging your state representative and senators, and your representatives in Congress and the U.S. Senate, to use the influence at their disposal to safeguard women and children through the health care programs and services they need and deserve as Americans.
Together, we will do it!