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Teen Pregnancy Prevention

In July 2019, Adagio Health was awarded a Teen Pregnancy Prevention grant from the federal Office of Population Affairs to implement the Positive Choices Program. The program uses a holistic health approach to create safe, supportive and trauma-informed environments, with links and referrals to youth-friendly services within their communities and promotes positive sexual health outcomes. The program is currently in Phase I of a Tier 1 grant. The objective of Phase I is to implement and evaluate an evidence-based curriculum proven to reduce teen pregnancy and underlying behavioral risk factors. Adagio Health is working with an independent team of evaluators to meet the expectations of project implementation and assessment.

Adagio Health is excited to work with project partner, Auberle which is one of the four leading foster, adoption and residential organizations in western Pennsylvania serving approximately 4,000 youth every year. The Positive Choices Program has four implementation sites. Ward Home consists of two supervised independent living sites for youth 16 years of age and up. The Gate-Bloom Program is a semi-independent living program serving females ages 13-20.  Lastly, the 412 Youth Zone is a one-stop center for youth ages 16-23 who are transitioning out of the child, youth and family services system. Adagio Health intends on serving approximately 260 youth at these sites over the course of the two-year project.

The Positive Choices Program uses Positive Prevention Plus (PPP) High School 2018 edition. PPP is an evidence-based comprehensive sexual health education curriculum with 14-sessions designed to be used in high schools and community settings with at-risk youth. The curriculum is medically accurate, age-appropriate and trauma-informed. PPP provides the knowledge, skills and resources:
  • To reduce their risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV/AIDS, pregnancy by abstaining from sex or using an FDA approved contraceptive method, including condoms. 
  • To build healthy relationships and teaches adolescents components of healthy relationships. 
  • To recognize the warning signs for unhealthy relationship behaviors, including human trafficking. 
  • To build communication and negotiation skills to decrease risky behaviors. 

Adagio Health is excited to implement this program with Auberle as a partner. The program provides some of the Pittsburgh region’s most vulnerable youth with access and links to important resources and information to keep them safe and healthy.

Community Education Partnerships

Adagio Health partners with Propel Schools, Adelphoi Village, and organizations such as the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club.  These partnerships strengthen our ability to reach youth in Allegheny County and beyond with high quality, medically accurate sexual and health curriculum.  Partnerships make it possible for Adagio Health to do the important work we’ve done in the community for the last 45 years.  If you’d like to become a partner of Adagio Health please contact us at info@adagiohealth.org or call 1-800-215-7494.