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Safe Dates

The Safe Dates curriculum is a ten session program, designed for high school students targeting attitudes and behaviors associated with dating abuse and violence. Each session is approximately 50 minutes in length. Safe Dates can be flexibly scheduled (daily or weekly sessions).

Safe Dates gets young people thinking about:
  • How they want to be treated by a dating partner
  • How they want to treat a significant other
  • What abusive dating relationships look like
  • Why dating abuse happens and its causes and consequences 
  • How to tell if they are in an abusive relationship
  • What to do about feelings of anger and jealousy 
  • How to help a friend who might be in an abusive relationship

Safe Dates is aligned with the National Health Educational Standards and Performance Indicators.

Community Education Partnerships

Adagio Health partners with Propel Schools, Adelphoi Village, and organizations such as the YMCA the Boys and Girls Clubs. These partnerships strengthen our ability to reach youth in Allegheny County and beyond with high quality, medically accurate sexual and health curriculum. Partnerships make it possible for Adagio Health to do the important work we’ve done in the community for the last 45 years. If you’d like to become a partner of Adagio Health please contact us at or call 1-800-215-7494.