Letter to the Editor: International Women's Day: Don't Let the Momentum End

Letter to the Editor: International Women's Day: Don't Let the Momentum End

BJ Leber, President and CEO Adagio Health

Last Thursday, March 8, the outpouring of love, support, and courage from women around the world for International Women’s Day was inspiring. The energy was palpable, and we can’t let it stop there. Let’s use this momentum to continue positive change for women everywhere.

This incredible reaction last week, coupled with the current social conversation around critical topics that affect women of all ages, offered undeniable proof that women’s issues deserve protection, regardless of current federal or state political leadership.

The time is now for women’s issues to be at the forefront, and women’s health care is a critical part of the dialogue. All women need access to quality healthcare.

We owe it to women everywhere to stand up, stand out, and stand united in demanding adequate funding for women’s health issues, policies that make it easier for women to care for themselves and their children, and the education and resources to help women safeguard their sexual health.

Right now, women’s health care is in our hands. When women work together, amazing things happen. We can shape the future.

As a community, we can take action. Call your representative and ask for increased federal funding; start a conversation with your friends, learn and discuss; and attend Adagio Health’s first-ever Transforming Women’s Health Symposium on March 22. We’ll be meeting with experts about how we can work together to solve the issues facing women’s health today.

We must begin by bringing together like-minded change-makers who want to make a difference. Meet with each other, create collaborations, problem solve. This is our country; our health; our fight. Let’s create a better future for women today.