Public Notice for Preston County, West Virginia.

Adagio Health receives Federal funds and awards service contracts to healthcare agencies that provide family planning and reproductive health services to low-income individuals in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, and Ohio.

Adagio Health seeks additional not-for-profit healthcare providers in Preston County in West Virginia, that have the capacity to offer reproductive health services such as general physical exams, screening for STD/HIV, cervical and breast cancers, and can manage patients on FDA-approved methods of contraception including natural family planning. At a minimum, providers must be credentialed with, and capable of billing, Medicaid. Adagio Health’s contracts include both grant awards and fee-for-service reimbursement for approved family planning and reproductive health services, tests, and supplies.

New providers that wish to be considered for a service contract with Adagio Health should submit letters of interest describing their current practice and their ability to serve low income patients. Of particular interest are providers that have family planning and reproductive health experience.

If interested, please contact Brenna Orr at or 724-601-2528