Adagio Health Recieves $200,000 Grant from Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Human Services

Pittsburgh, PA (July 20, 2021) - Adagio Health has been granted $200,000 by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Human Services that will support its Better Health for Women Veterans initiative over the next year. The purpose of the initiative is to ensure that women veterans in Pennsylvania have access to health and wellness services that address their specific needs and that those services reflect an understanding of a commitment to minimizing the health disparities that exist for this population. Pennsylvania Senators Jay Costa (D – 43rd District), Lindsey Williams (D – 38th District) and former Pennsylvania Senator Pam Iovino have provided strong support for Adagio Health’s efforts and outreach around women veterans.

Adagio Health established its Better Health for Women Veterans Initiative in 2018 in response to the market research which found that many women veterans prefer to receive healthcare from women specific providers. Women veterans are not always comfortable with or eligible to receive services at the VA, especially in cases of military sexual trauma. Women veterans have high rates of substance use disorders, including tobacco use, and have higher rates of suicide than both civilian women and male veterans. If a substance use disorder is present, the risk for suicide is compounded. One in four women veterans have experienced military sexual trauma, and about 50% of those women feel that receiving care at a women’s clinic is important.

“The new grant from DHS will help expand the women veteran’s initiative by implementing the next phase of integrated physical and behavioral healthcare,” said Adagio Health President and CEO, BJ Leber. “We will be providing health and wellness education and working to strengthen community support systems for women veterans through interpersonal connections and referrals. We will also evaluate veteran family health and wellness needs including women veterans and veterans’ spouses.”

Confirming the need for health and wellness services among women veterans, Adagio Health veteran patients have increased by 155% since mid-2018 when the organization’s initiative began. 77% of all Adagio Health veteran patients and 86% of all medical appointments with veterans are female. Veterans make up just over 3% of our overall patient population.

About Adagio Health – Since 1971, Adagio Health has provided health and wellness services in Pennsylvania, and now, seven counties in West Virginia and five counties in New York. Health care services include family planning and reproductive care for women and men, breast and cervical cancer screening, and adult care basics such as immunizations and screening. The majority of patients receiving healthcare services are women who are uninsured, underinsured or need access to confidential family planning services. Adagio Health also serves thousands of children and families through education and nutrition programs including WIC and Power Up (SNAP-Ed), and tobacco cessation programs aimed at teens and adults. All services are provided through funding from foundations, the State and Federal government and in partnership with a variety of local organizations and other funders.