Welcoming to All.

Adagio Health is supportive of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning +) individuals and identities. Your healthcare needs are unique and we are here to help you navigate all of your options.

We want our our LGBTQ patients to know that they will be safe, welcomed, and supported in our healthcare environment. Adagio Health is committed to fostering a LGBTQ-inclusive environment. All of this means that we pledge to:

  • Be respectful of everyone and treat everyone equally.
  • Use the terms that people prefer—not speaking like everyone is presumptively heterosexual and asking our patients which pronouns they prefer to use for themselves
  • Create a safe space by reassuring patients of confidentiality of conversations and by clearly labeling our waiting rooms and exam rooms as safe spaces where people can talk about and be their real selves.
  • Maintain a listing of local resources to suggest to LGBTQ persons who may need or want some supportive services.

Healthcare Services

Adagio Health is the trusted provider of reproductive healthcare, STD testing, preventative vaccinations, breast/cervical cancer screenings, and other related services for individuals across Western Pennsylvania.

Teen Resources

Do you need confidential healthcare in a judgement free environment? Are you looking for information you can trust on how to protect your health? Adagio Health is here to help. You do not need insurance to make an appointment.


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