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For 45 over years, Adagio Health has been providing health and wellness services and support throughout 23 counties of Western Pennsylvania. Most of the 100,000 patients and clients receiving services at Adagio Health annually are women who are uninsured and underinsured. We serve women and their families in both urban and rural communities in Western Pennsylvania, often where access to healthcare services is scarce, which is why we are there to serve you. 

Adagio Health is honored to serve women and their families in western Pennsylvania. The impact we have on our communities is significant and with your support we will continue to work to ensure that the women we serve receive the healthcare they need and deserve. To learn more about our impact, please view our 2019 Annual Report.

A Safe and Welcoming Place

Adagio Health serves a population of individuals with diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Members of the Amish community are served in Indiana; students from universities are served in Indiana, Clarion and Edinboro. In all of our communities we are a safe and welcoming place to receive care. Because of Adagio Health, these women- all with variety of needs, backgrounds and plans for their futures- have access to healthcare.

The Western Pennsylvania Women's Healthcare Consortium

In addition to serving women and their families in western Pennsylvania, Adagio Health convenes a coalition of nonprofit healthcare providers and affiliated organizations that work on women’s healthcare issues. Adagio Health provides a forum where member organizations have the opportunity to strategize about emerging public policy issues that affect our sector, so together, we can speak with a unified voice. As a result, the consortium is able to respond clearly and boldly to threats against women’s healthcare. In the future, the consortium will continue to work together on public policy analysis, education and advocacy. To join or learn more, please contact Adagio Health at info@adagiohealth.org.


We could not provide these services without our funders, partners and supporters. Many services are funded by the State and Federal government and through partnerships with a variety of community partners and funders. We receive support from our western Pennsylvania foundation community.

My Story

Thank you Adagio Health

I came to Adagio Health as a very scared sixteen-year-old, having no clue how to grapple with my sexuality in my conservative environment. It was there that I learned my sexuality is something to be celebrated, a part of myself that I ought to understand rather than reject. I received my first birth control at Adagio Health and learned how to protect myself, body and spirit, in the face of sexuality. Six years later, I am still bringing my friends to clinics like Adagio Health so they too can have control over their sexual lives. Thank you, Adagio Health!

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