Bringing knowledge and training to our communities.

Adagio Health empowers individuals across Western Pennsylvania through a variety of risk-reduction and prevention education programs. For more information on any of our programs or to inquire about custom training please contact us at or call 1.800.215.7484.

Focus On Kids/Focus On Youth

Focus on Kids/Focus on Youth is an eight-session program for participants ages 12 to 15. Aimed at urban youth, Focus On Kids/Focus On Youth teaches students the skills and knowledge they need to protect themselves from pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Through fun, interactive activities, role playing, discussion and community projects participants explore good decision making, refusal skills, communication and advocacy skills.

Focus on Kids/Focus on Youth is aligned with the National Health Education Standards and Performance Indicators.

Botvin Life Skills Training

Botvin Life Skills Training is a substance abuse prevention program proven to reduce the risks of alcohol, tobacco, drug abuse, and violence by targeting the major social and psychological factors that initiate these negative behaviors. It is available for elementary through high school students.

Life Skills Training reduces tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana use by up to 75%.

Life Skills Training is aligned with the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Health, Safety and Physical Education.

Safer Sex Games

Engaging, interactive, and informative, the Safer Sex Games presents important information on sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, and sexual coercion to college students in coordination with campus health centers, fraternities, sororities, and residential life offices.

Health educators and medical professionals guide up to 300 participants through games, educational handouts, presentations and one-on-one conversations.  The Safer Sex Games also provide an opportunity for campuses to offer optional STI testing.

Gambling Prevention

Community Education is subcontracted with the Butler County Drug and Alcohol Commission to provide Gambling Prevention to college students on the campuses of Slippery Rock University and the Butler County Community College. These services include awareness building through outreach efforts, peer-to-peer education, formal presentations, development of a gambling prevention task force and policy change.

Kids Having Kids

Kids Having Kids is a 15 hour course to teach professionals about adolescent development, teen pregnancy, and teen pregnancy prevention. This focus on this course more specifically is for teachers to:

  • Understand the scope and incidence of adolescent pregnancy – nationally and locally
  • Become more aware of personal, societal, economical, medical, and community issues that contribute to and result from adolescent pregnancy
  • Examine a comprehensive community based approach for the reduction of adolescent pregnancy
  • Examine complications and responsibilities of teen pregnancy
  • Review family, school and community strategies to promote teen sexual abstinence and a pregnancy-free adolescence
  • Be aware of community and national resources.

Taught Not Caught

Taught Not Caught is a two day workshop to teach teachers and other professionals who work with teens interactive strategies for increasing teens’ knowledge about reproductive health. This course has been approved for ACT 48 credits through the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

At the conclusion of the program, participants will:

  • Recognize and practice teaching strategies to promote health and social skill development
  • Enhance their comfort and ability to address sensitive topics with adolescents
  • Explore and reflect upon personal, cultural and community attitudes toward sexuality
  • Identify effective preventative strategies for adolescents
  • Increase their knowledge of human sexuality, growth and development
  • Create a written report of a community or school prevention program report
  • Design a lesson plan for prevention with a sample activity