Back to School

September 4, 2020
When Pennsylvania’s Stay-At-Home order was enacted in March of 2020 due to the coronavirus known as COVID-19, the Adagio Health Education team had to quickly shift to a virtual education model.  It was the only way the organization could continue to serve young people and provide important programming to our community partners. From Social Emotional Learning, to Sexual Health Education, the 16-person team has been adapting to new formats including Zoom calls, Google classrooms, and recorded lessons sent to students from our home offices to their couches and kitchen tables. 

Since school ended, our educators have not stopped reviewing what’s gone well, what could be improved, the needs of students and parents and how to move forward with meaningful, effective virtual programming.

In August, the Education team had a chance to try some new techniques and virtual teaching best practices. Adagio Health partnered with Propel Schools to deliver a virtual Leadership Camp for 12 students who had three hours of camp Monday through Thursday.  The Education team focused on Social and Emotional Learning skills, with sessions focused on topics like, “Movement and Leadership”, “The Art of Leadership”, and “Building Your Leadership Skills”. Feedback from students was extremely positive, with one student saying “I loved the camp and hope I get to do it again!”

Through interactive sessions the education team helped students work through some of the challenging emotions they are facing in light of the pandemic. The focus was on how students can build their own skills to cope with change and be an example to their friends and peers.

As the Adagio Health education team prepares for the new school year, virtual education is at the forefront of the planning process.  Curriculum that was originally intended to be taught in person is being restructured, so that it can be tailored to a virtual audience. Though in a different format, the goal remains the same: programming that will empower young people to make healthy decisions. During the 2020-2021 school year the Education Department will serve over 2,500 students in five western Pennsylvania counties.

“Back to School” will be different than in past years, but Adagio Health is excited to take on the opportunities and challenges that virtual education presents and serve our young people and communities with high quality programs and care for all.