About Us

Our History:

Founded in 1971, Adagio Health operates medical offices and partners with more than 20 other health care services to provide health care at more than 55 sites in 23 counties of western Pennsylvania.

Adagio Health addresses a wide variety of health concerns, such as obstetrics and gynecology, breast and cervical cancer screening, STI testing and treatment, nutrition counseling, teen pregnancy prevention, HIV prevention, sexuality education for teens, community education, parent education and professional training.

Adagio Health serves more than 150,000 women and their families each year. Funding comes from federal and state grants, patient fees, and foundation, corporate, and individual contributions.

Adagio Health provides health care services without discrimination on the basis of race, disability, sexual orientation, financial ability, religion, age, sex, or marital status. Our goal is to enhance reproductive health care for all women.

Our Mission:

Adagio Health provides health and wellness services to all women and their families with a focus on those in need.

Our Vision:

Women and their families in Western Pennsylvania will lead healthier lives.

Our Future:

As Adagio moves towards 50 years of service to women and their families in Western Pennsylvania, we plan to explore, expand and nurture partnerships, affiliations and alliances that will allow Adagio Health to expand its continuum of services, strengthen service delivery, increase efficiencies and patient volume.

We hope to implement new methods of service delivery for improving population health that meet the needs of the communities we serve and ensure financial sustainability of Adagio Health.

We strive to engage in continuous quality improvement for clinical care and customer service to improve customer experience and value.

We pledge to continue to be the safety net that provides health and wellness services to women in need in Western Pennsylvania.

Our Board of Directors:

The Adagio Health Board of Directors is made up of representatives from the healthcare industry and community leaders. They represent the broad diversity of Western Pennsylvania and dedicate time, talent, and energy to ensure our continued service to women and their families across Western Pennsylvania with a focus on those in need.

Meet Our Board

Our Leadership:

Adagio Health is lead by a talented internal team boasting a wide range of expertise in healthcare, nonprofit management, fundraising, financial administration, information technology, and public relations. Together, they work to continue our mission and enable Adagio Health to best serve our communities.

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